Products and Solutions

The approach that NESS takes to any solution we propose is based on a simple premise...

What is the best solution for the customer.

As an advocate for our customers, we are not beholden to any one specific vendor for a solution. We routinely evaluate technology and work with clients to develop technology solutions specific to their business needs. We've had great success in a variety of engagements, both large and small, with these key solutions.

Genetec offers world class security and a building/city intelligence platform. Software based, Genetec is designed as an open platform, able to integrate with devices from hundreds of manufacturers. The system can scale from controlling just a few doors and cameras, to systems encorporating thousands of devices spread out all over the country.

Ruckus Wireless delivers a solution from a single access point to thousands of devices and deep inspection of wireless traffic for better decision making and control. Ruckus has pioneered antenna design to deliver the best performing wifi solution on the market.

NEC is the world leader in IP telephony. Supporting both cutting edge IP handsets and the most basic legacy analog phones, the system is suitable for any deployment. As a pure software solution, there are no phone chassis to replace and no forklift upgrades, ever.

Video Conferencing brings a level of collaboration simply not possible via email and text message. NESS has been deploying Video Conferencing solutions for over 2 decades and has extensive experience from single person solutions to multi-screen conference room solutions.

NESS has been in the business of providing technology support since 1984. We have focused our expertise on K-12 and municipal customers and offer a variety of consulting and support services to meet any need.