Vbrick Digital Video

Vbrick ApplianceDistribute and record live and stored video for organization news, training or entertainment - from virtually anywhere, to virtually any device at any time. Vbrick's VBrick Enterprise Media System (VEMS) gives you the ultimate in reliability and simplicity by combining open standards with plug and play components. VEMS can deliver content across your LAN, WAN, Wireless Network or Internet connection to users anywhere in the world.

Educational Institutions can utilize Vbrick to centralize educational video, film and audio tapes. Instead of mailing worn out video tapes between schools, DVD quality video can be simultaneously delivered to any PC or television on the network. Businesses can deliver training materials or late breaking news right to employee desktops.

The Presenter module for VEMS combines video and powerpoint presentations to deliver announcements, training materials and interactive presentations. The presenter can interact with the audience via polls or live chat, permitting instant feedback. Presentations can be saved, allowing the entire presentation to be viewed later.

Learn more about VEMS in this video. Download the VEMS Data Sheet (1.3 MB pfd) or VEMS Education Data Sheet (541 KB pdf) for other details.

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