Wireless Networking

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From computers to phones to cameras, technology is increasingly becoming wireless. Without a centralized managed system, wireless deployments can quickly become impossible to manage. Ruckus Wireless provides high speed wireless networking and centralized management.

Originally developed to provide wireless streaming TV services, this product lineup is unique in supporting up to hundreds of endpoints per AP and multiple HD video streams. Deployment is a snap as well, new Access Points will automatically configure themselves from the centralized controller, no configuration required. The network can be deployed as quickly as Access Points can be taken out of the box.

This system also supports meshing, permitting wireless networking to be extended to locations previously unreachable, such as athletic fields, bus garages or other outlying areas. Contact us to find out how NESS can deploy a secure open wireless network.

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Product Lineup

Wired Networks

New England System, Inc. (NESS) has been involved in the design, implementation, and support of networks and technology for customers randing in size from 5 to 5000 endpoints. Read more about our networking services.