Wireless Live Meetings

Right AlignOriginally designed for school Board of Education meetings, the NESS Mobile Live Meeting system is a turnkey portable solution for meetings or events to amplify, record and transmit down the hall or across the world.

Complete turnkey systems include the following features:

  • One-Button digital recording
  • Amplified speakers
  • Echo canceling and "follow the leader" wireless microphone
  • Camera and tripod
  • Live Internet streaming
  • Interactive audience polls
  • Synchronized slides

Benefits include:

  • Advanced microphones eliminate cell phone interference
  • Create meeting archives
  • Increase participation
  • Allow "off-time" viewing

All systems are packaged in a hardened travel ready case. Systems can be setup in minutes by anyone, avoiding delays and AV setup services from hotels or conference centers. Custom systems can be designed for any application.

Wireless Live Meeting Datasheet (157 KB pdf)

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